When you're coming to CT to shoot, it makes sense to hire a Connecticut native to help with logistics and your equipment needs.

Living and working in the state for so long we've been able extensive contact list - We can put you in touch with some of the best film and television crews the northeast has to offer. We're happy to refer you to the local resources and crews...just ask!

Producers think because Connecticut a small state, they have to truck all of their crews and equipment in from NYC or Boston. This couldn't be farther from the truth.
In fact, this will probably cost you substantially more.

Connecticut has a very experienced production community offering incredible resources. There are currently 5 lighting & grip companies with 1-5 ton grip trucks, camera suppliers renting everything from DSLR's to the Arri Alexa and a professional crew base that covers the state.

The majority of crew members in CT also work local in NYC because we're so close.


1. For one thing, Connecticut's offers very aggressive tax credits. Like most states, Connecticut want's you to shoot here and can help reduce some of your production costs when you rent from Connecticut vendors, like myself. Depending on your budget, Connecticut tax credits can be 30%!

2. Because we're local. You won't pay to have gear shipped in from New York or Boston. Our camera dollies, jibs and support gear is
already here and generally no more than an hour away from your location.

3. We have more than 25 years in the rental business and 23 years of experience operating Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes.

4. We're a Chapman/Leonard representative - if I don't have the gear you need, I can get it.