I'll arrive at your location with the equipment you need, and work as a Grip, Dolly Grip, or Jib Operator for the day. I offer reasonable day rates, and can work within your budget.

25 years ago I decided to be a grip... and I've been doing it ever since. My credits include hundreds of commercials, Emmy Award winning shows, and an Academy Award winning film.

Even if you don't need equipment, I'd still like to work with you...!

There's additional information about my experience on this site, or I'm listed as Kelly J. Richardson on IMDB.


If you already have your crew, we're still your best equipment source in Connecticut. Gear can be delivered to your location, and picked up at the end of your shoot.

Connecticut is pretty small...we can have equipment anywhere in the state within about 80 minutes. Our vans are specifically designed to carry camera dollies and jib packages.

If you find yourself needing support gear in an emergency, don't hesitate to call.